February 5, 2023

Tomorrow, all UW Postdocs and UW Research Scientists and Engineers A-4 will begin Strike Authorization Votes to authorize our bargaining teams to call strikes should circumstances justify.

Will you join us in voting YES on day 1 of the Strike Authorization Vote?

Our bargaining teams have been in negotiations with UW Admin for months now and we are experiencing stalling tactics at every turn. Taking a Strike Authorization Vote (SAV) is how we will build the pressure now rather than letting UW Admin draw this out.

We’re voting YES because improving compensation for Postdocs is very important to all of us – we all deserve to make ends meet and afford housing in the Seattle area. We’re glad to see that UW Admin moved toward us last year by increasing wages above the Washington State salaried minimum for many Postdocs. But recently they derailed bargaining by changing their position about the law, refusing to provide any substantive information about that reversal, and insisting on a multi-year contract that provides little to no future wage increases and almost certainly binds us to reporting hours. Their proposals also create unnecessary penalties for Postdocs taking prestigious fellowships even though fellowships SAVE the university money! This is bad faith and it’s bad policy: we need to hold them accountable by mobilizing a strong “Yes” vote.

The Strike Authorization Vote (SAV) starts TOMORROW and will run from Feb. 6 – Feb. 16. You will receive an email with a link to an online ballot on Monday morning. A strong “Yes” vote by UW Postdocs and RSEs will send UW Admin a clear message that we are united and willing to take additional action, including possibly a strike, if they continue to thwart our progress toward fair contracts. For more information, find answers to frequently asked questions about the SAV, or respond to this email with any questions.

As always, in case you aren’t already a follower, a quick plug for our social media accounts; they are an easy way to stay in the loop: TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, and also, reach out if you have any questions.

In solidarity,

UWPU/UAW Bargaining Committee & UW Researchers United Bargaining Committee
Thaddeus Armstrong
Luci Baker
Leila Blair
Rebecca Bluett
Nick Bolten
Brant Bowers
Jai Broome
Tucker Burgin
Erin Carll
Shelly Carpenter
Bonnie Chang
Morgan Crotta
Iván Cruz
Pat Erickson
Abby Gambrill
Jay Mas Gilvydis
Anya Kalata
Julia Kobelt
Katherine Lasdin
Ellen MacLachlan
Katie Osterhage
Deborah Nemens
Van Redila
Annelise Smith
Jer Steeger
Galen Stewart
Kambiz Tavabi
Jacob Tietsort
Stacey Wedlake
Ryan Will
Tricia Wu
Joshua Yee