Great news! Last week we resolved the grievances and unfair labor practice charge we filed this past year in response to the unilateral changes made by UW and its insurance carrier (Lifewise Assurance) to the Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan. Per the benefits written in the new collective bargaining agreement, as well as those we’ve identified through resolving these charges, UW has agreed to direct Lifewise to re-process all claims for the 2014/15 plan year as well as claims related to the coverage errors at Hall Health for the previous three years, and for reimbursements to be issued upon completion.

We are preparing materials to detail the terms of the re-processing and reimbursements, as well as information about what members should do who continue to experience problems. These will be sent to all members in the coming weeks. Thank you to all those who mobilized this year, and special shout out to the members of the Heath Care Work Group who spent countless hours working through the details and crafting the terms of the settlement!

If you’re interested in participating in the Health Care Work Group please email Toni Ferro (