Summer Organizing Workshops To Build Power

It’s not too late to sign up for this summer’s Workshops to Build Power! Last Tuesday, we had a kick-off session going over some basic concepts in care-based 1-to-1 organizing. This week, we’ll collectively build concrete skills for addressing various dynamics that can come up in 1-to-1 organizing through a tailored EPIC training.

Members are going through the series in cohorts that each focus on building a particular campaign: Postdoc bargaining, department wage increase campaigns, housing justice, a department faculty DEI training campaign, and accessibility. If you’re interested in organizing around any of these topics this summer, sign up here! If you have questions, ideas for a cohort, or would like to talk more with an organizer, you can also email

Now hiring! UAW 4121 Data Engineer / Junior Developer

UAW 4121 is hiring a Data Engineer / Junior Developer to help with supporting data workflows that support the ongoing work of the Local to build our collective power and advocate for fair working conditions, a stronger and more accessible higher education system, and social justice in our community and beyond. One important way in which UAW 4121 builds power is in keeping track of information important to organizing, which has necessitated a custom software-driven data system. This system involves multiple code bases that reflect a diversity of organizing activities, which includes full stack web applications, data engineering workflows, and downstream surfacing of data in services like Google Sheets. This system is actively developed and changes on a near-daily basis to support organizing with existing and new tools. A detailed job description can be found here.

To be considered for this position, please send via email ( or physical mail a cover letter and resume to the Local Union by July 30th at 5pm Pacific time.

Take the survey: transportation and accessibility in Seattle

APALA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance) Seattle Chapter, in partnership with the City of Seattle’s Office of Planning & Comprehensive Development and Department of Transportation, is surveying workers and community members of Seattle to gather information about what the City of Seattle can do to become more accessible. As we know the gentrification and housing crisis has pushed the middle class of the city and created a standard unreachable for a new generation of homeowners. With more and more people living outside of the city in which they work, they have to rely on the transportation system, whether it is public transportation or roads. We want to hear from you about what is important to make changes to the city’s transportation and planning. What does an ideal Seattle look like for you? Take the survey today!

Ballots are out, time to vote!

Tuesday, August 2nd is an important primary election for Washington state legislative and congressional races. If you’re registered to vote in WA, you should be receiving your ballot soon: please take a minute to send it in! Check out this page for more information, and feel free to email if you have any questions, would like additional information on any of these candidates, or would like to get involved. You can also join fellow UAW members in getting out the vote by signing up here.

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