Sign the Petition to President Young 

Last week, teachers from the UW Children’s Center at Radford Court, and from Pacific First Montessori, announced that a majority of them had signed cards to form a union with SEIU 925.  A delegation of parents, teachers, and 925 members went to the headquarters of Haggard Nelson Childcare Resources and presented management with a letter requesting recognition for their union.  These teachers also want a fair process for workers at four other Haggard Nelson schools to decide whether to organize, including others at UW.

UW employees are asking President Young to publicly call on the Haggard Nelson administration to honor the child care teachers requests.

Haggard Nelson has a contract with UW to provide child care at three locations.  Despite the fact that Haggard Nelson receives free rent and maintenance from UW for these locations, plus subsidies from student fees, some teacher assistants there are paid as low as $10 an hour while parents pay up to $1,640 a month in tuition per child.  Teachers are organizing to raise standards for child care so they can retain staff and provide a high-quality and stable learning environment.