Join your UAW 4121 colleagues and friends in making our discontent over the direction of contract bargaining heard to the Regents tomorrow night at 5:30 PM at the University Of Washington Club (4020 E Stevens Way, On Campus Across from HUB)

Come tell the Regents that we demand:

  • ALL UW workers receive pay raises to conform at least to Seattle minimum wage laws,
  • ALL Students have the right to be properly compensated for their labor,
  • All ASEs have the RIGHT to work in an environment free from institutional oppression such as microaggressions and not being able to access a safe bathroom,
  • UW stop cutting our wages by not remitting our tuition and fees.

Let the Regents know that we–and all UAW 4121 members– will begin voting next week to authorize the union’s bargaining committee to call a strike if circumstances justify.

We will protest at the Regents Dinner along with UAW 4121’s coalition partners in Reclaim UW–a progressive alliance of student organizations and unions.