A full summary of the Tentative Agreement with UW is now available online. This summary provides explanation and further information about each article in the collective bargaining agreement (those that would be changed and those that would not per the Tentative Agreement), as well as a breakdown of how much ASEs with waivers would pay in fees if the new agreement is ratified.

Remember: members must vote Yes for this Tentative Agreement to go into effect. Voting begins Thursday! Full details can be found here.

The bargaining committee is proud to recommend this Tentative Agreement for a Yes vote. If ratified the contract will include

  • increased wages for all ASEs (24% compounded over 3 years for base rate departments, plus a one-time lump sum of $150 in the first year; plus a significant increase to the minimum wage);
  • decreased out of pocket fees – including a historic full waiver of the Building Fee –for all ASEs with tuition/fee waivers (and thus a 24% decrease over the life of the contract for those who use their U-Pass);
  • improvements to inclusion and equity (lactation facilities, increases in subsidies for childcare, access to all-gender bathrooms and enhanced protections against micro-aggressions and other forms of institutional oppression);
  • an increased institutional mechanism for ASEs to have a say over matters of academic excellence like class size; and
  • stronger health benefits ($0 premium despite increased costs to the University, and greater transparency and accountability in benefit administration).

This agreement also provides the basis for us to continue fighting to make further improvements to equity, access, and inclusion in the future. Again, the full summary and complete language of the Tentative Agreement can be found here.

Want More Information?

If you have any questions or concerns you can also get more information by emailing the bargaining committee at bargaining@uaw4121.org or attending an informational meeting (you can find the schedule here). You’re also encouraged to let us know if you’d like to organize a department or hiring unit meeting and would like a bargaining committee member to attend.

We’ve only gotten this far as a result of membership mobilization, honest feedback, and solidarity. As we vote whether to ratify or not, please let us know your questions and concerns and most importantly help turn out the vote!

UAW 4121 Bargaining Committee
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