Many of you have been receiving documents from Lifewise or your health care provider from visits or services you received last year. These are being sent to you as a result of an unfair labor practice charge and multiple grievances we filed when we learned the GAIP benefits had been changed unilaterally in 2014 and in some cases had not been paid at the correct benefit level for several years. Early in summer of 2015, to settle the charge and grievances, the University agreed to direct Lifewise to review and reprocess all claims to ensure that benefits would be applied at the correct levels.

As a result many of you have been receiving EOBs (Explanation of Benefits), and in some cases bills or reimbursement checks, that lack much identifying information. Per the University’s initial projection, these are likely to continue being sent through early December. The process of issuing reimbursements (in many cases to the providers rather than the covered ASE or dependents directly) will continue for several weeks after that. As a resource for ensuring that the documents being sent to you are accurate we’ve prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document to help you find information you might need to make sense of your billings. You can also review the list we prepared with correct benefits levels here.

Please email us if you have additional questions or need assistance.

UAW Local 4121 Health Care Work Group