Upcoming Actions

  • January 29th and February 4th (Save Public Transit)

  • February 7th (Lobby for Shared Prosperity in Olympia)

This year’s “short” (60 Day) legislative session is underway, and we’re working with union members and community allies to push for restored investment in public services (like education and transportation) and measures that fight income inequality and empower underrepresented and vulnerable communities. Like last year, the State Senate is unfortunately frustrating some of these efforts:

  • The Washington State DREAM Act – providing access to financial aid for children of undocumented immigrants – was passed by the State House on the first day of session but Senate Leaders say they won’t take it up for a vote;
  • The transportation budget (blocked by the Senate last year) is again unlikely to pass this year, while massive cuts to King County Metro loom;
  • The state minimum wage could be increased to $12 per hour through a bill introduced last week, but Senate leaders have already said they won’t support it;
  • The Washington Voting Rights Act – empowering underrepresented groups to have more influence in local/municipal elections – passed the House yesterday (1/27) but is waiting to be taken up in the Senate;
  • Conversely, the Senate is considering a bill that would preempt any city, county, or town from establishing employment standards, such as the $15 minimum wage ordinance voters approved last year in SeaTac or the paid sick leave ordinance approved by the Seattle City Council.

What You Can Do

  • Get to Know Your Legislators!  Go here to find your district based on your address and keep an eye out for Town Halls or open meetings;
  • Friday February 7th: Talk to your representatives!  Let us know if you’re interested in going to Olympia next week to advocate along with other union members throughout the state for a Shared Prosperity Agenda.
  • Wednesday January 29th and Monday February 4th: Take Action for Transportation!  In the next week you’ll have an opportunity to speak out about the need to fund transit in coalition with other UW groups.  Let us know if you can come!