We, the undersigned members of UAW 4121, endorse the movement to cast votes for “Uncommitted Delegates” in the March 12th Democratic Primary in Washington State.

As a union with a diverse and international workforce, we called on the Biden administration for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza last October. Since then, we have been building a powerful, mass movement towards justice alongside organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace, Kadima Reconstructionist Synagogue, CAIR, among others, and using our collective political voice to urge our elected leaders to take action. We echo Representative Pramila Jayapal in emphasizing the importance of a permanent ceasefire in the region as a policy issue of utmost importance for our workforce, many of whom continue to be directly affected by the ongoing violence in Gaza.

Alongside our labor siblings in UFCW 3000 and AFT 1789, we believe that this movement is crucial for us to have the strongest platform in the November general elections that will win on a pro-worker agenda to bolster worker rights and protections. Voting uncommitted does not mean increasing support for the Republican presidential candidate; rather, it is a powerful action at scale to show our collective commitment to values of equality and justice for all people that we demand our elected leaders to act on. In endorsing this movement and building our collective worker power towards a more just world, we are proud to continue UAW’s fighting legacy in standing up for social justice and recognizing the direct relationship between the ballot box and the bread box.

Washington primary ballots are due next Tuesday – we encourage our members who are eligible to vote in Washington state to vote for “Uncommitted Delegates” in the Washington State primary, and to spread the word about the campaign. Recognizing that electoral politics affects all members in our community – regardless of citizenship and voting eligibility – all members, regardless of voting eligibility, can sign on to this collective statement by filling out this form.

In solidarity,

UAW 4121 Joint Council