Help Mobilize Now!

One day after we proposed increasing the minimum wage for all student workers, and increasing wage rates for ASEs to make UW more competitive with peer institutions, the University’s bargaining committee on Thursday proposed a cut in tuition waivers that would represent at least $160 per quarter in additional mandatory out of pocket fees.

That’s right: UW is proposing a de facto pay cut to ASEs with tuition waivers.

Many of you participated in fighting this move in 2012, when UW challenged an arbitrator’s ruling that they had violated the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) by requiring ASEs with tuition waivers to pay the newly imposed SFR and U-Pass fees.  We won only after thousands of ASEs mobilized, twice, in Fall 2012 to overcome the University’s refusal to abide by the arbitrator’s ruling and uphold the meaning of the CBA that new fees could not be unilaterally imposed.

Now UW is proposing to take this victory away.  The administration won’t commit to bring its lowest paid student workers up to the Seattle minimum wage, and now is asking ASEs with waivers to agree to a de facto wage reduction, even while the University has been increasing payroll for its highest paid executives.

You can help by getting involved and spreading the word to your co-workers: Help Mobilize Now!

Together we can win a fair contract and justice for all student workers.


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