Dear UAW 4121 member,

Strike tomorrow averted — tentative agreement on new contract.

This evening at a member meeting on Rainier Vista we discussed the terms of the university’s last, best, and final offer, and heard from members who were in favor of accepting the offer, in favor of rejecting the offer, and those who were undecided. We also discussed the results of the straw poll: as of 8pm over 1900 members had voted, with 62% voting to accept the university’s offer.

The bargaining committee caucused to discuss a recommendation for moving forward given member feedback. With a majority, but not unanimous vote, the bargaining committee voted to recommend the membership accept the proposed contract, and will now move forward with a ratification vote. This is a recommendation, not a final decision. The decision to ratify or reject this proposal depends on how members vote in the ratification vote.

This ratification vote, in which all members will be given the opportunity to formally accept or reject the university’s proposed contract, will be sent via email and on the website tomorrow morning, and will be open through 5pm Sunday. In that email we will summarize some of the arguments discussed tonight in favor of accepting and in favor of rejecting. We encourage all members to reflect on the content of the proposed contract, talk with other members, send any outstanding questions and feedback to the bargaining committee (, and participate in the vote this weekend.

While the ratification vote is in progress this weekend we will NOT be on strike. If the contract is not ratified via this vote, we will be on strike on Monday. We will notify you of the results of the vote no later than 6pm on Sunday.

No matter what happens, we will keep fighting — for a more equitable, more inclusive, more respectful University. Stay tuned for communications very soon about action you can take next week.

In Solidarity,
UAW 4121 Bargaining Committee