As the State Legislature begins its final budget negotiations, UAW Local 4121, along with statewide student groups, unions, and community allies, is circulating a petition to urge the Legislature to pass a budget that promotes quality and affordability, and supports higher education workforces.

Please sign on NOW to protect higher education.  The petition opposes the State Senate’s proposal to impose an unfair and damaging 20% tax on international students, and supports progressive revenue (such as the budgets proposed by the Governor and the State House, which close tax giveaways for some of our state’s most prosperous) instead of further double-digit tuition and fee increases.  We need to be sure that budget negotiators hear loudly and clearly that the higher education budget is a priority, and that funding sources need to reflect our values.

To sign the petition, click here and fill in your name and University affiliation.  Please take action NOW!