The nomination acceptance period for the vacancy election (Steward positions and Defense Committee) has now closed. We are happy to announce the following new stewards and committee members, all of whom are uncontested. Congratulations to all!



  • David Carlson

Applied Mathematics

  • Natalie Wellen: “I will work hard to represent Applied Mathematics. The department can count on me to be involved and connected to what is happening and keep others up to date as well.”

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Leah Perlmutter


  • Kaelie Giffel


  • Kurt Berkmueller

Spanish and Portuguese Studies

  • Rigoberto Gutiérrez Piñón: “I believe it is of the utmost importance that we foster an environment in which respect and dignity are not only present, but also cultivated, in our work place. I will work to ensure that our department cultivates these values for all and the each and every one of us is respected and treated with dignity.”


Defense Committee

Region 1

  • Anthony Ciavarella

Region 2: no nominations

Region 3

  • Amzi Jeffs: “Our union is an expression of our collective power and our collective interests. Winning our struggle for living wages, healthcare, harassment protections, and a voice in the university’s decision making process will require a strong core of organizers. It will require building substantial connections to other unions and ongoing movements in our city. Most of all, it will require a rank-and-file membership who see the union as an effective tool in the fight for their needs. I’m excited to continue work on the Defense Committee to broaden active participation in our union, analyze and draw out the most effective means of organizing for our needs, and generally build up a union that can fight and win against the austerity and corporate logic that pervades our university.”
  • Rutger Ceballos: “My name is Rutger Ceballos, and I am running to continue serving as a member of the Defense Committee for Region 3. I have served as the Region 3 Defense Committee member throughout the 2018-2019 academic year and I hope to continue to serve in this capacity. Please consider reelecting me as a Region 3 Representative of the Defense Committee. Thank you for your consideration. Solidarity Forever!”

Region 4: no nominations

Region 5: no nominations



We look forward to the service of our new stewards, executive board members, and bargaining committee members.



UAW Local 4121 Election Committee 2018-2019

Katie Brennan
Jorge Bustamante
Krzysztof Drewniak
Elliot Lee
Elena Pandres
Marissa Parker
Sam Pennypacker
Katie Reichard