Dear UAW Member,

The nomination period for the open steward positions has now closed. All nominations were uncontested, so the following list of new stewards have been elected automatically. Congratulations!

ASE Stewards

  • Computer Science and Engineering: Kryzsztof Drewniak (ASE)
  • Computer Science and Engineering: Daniel He (ASE)
  • Dance: Brian Evans (ASE)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Momona Yamagami (ASE)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Andrew Pace (ASE)
  • English: Gust Burns 
  • Evans School: Samantha Kiel
  • Health Services: Amy Edmonds
  • Political Science: Rutger Ceballos
  • Psychology: Ezgi Irmak Yucel
  • Scandinavian Studies: Essam A.B. Elkorghli

Postdoc Stewards

  • Biochemistry: Sam Pellock
  • Biochemistry: Xiao Zhang
  • Biology: Rubén D. Manzanedo
  • Chemical Engineering: Teresa Rapp
  • Chemistry: Venkata Narayana Vidadala
  • Genome Sciences: Gregory Booth
  • Math: Jake Levinson
  • Medicinal Chemistry: Amanda Clouser
  • Pharmaceutics: Flavia Storelli
  • Pharmacy: Nagham Ailabouni
  • Physics: Mawande Lushozi

Statements from these new stewards and committee members will be posted on our announcement page shortly.

Election Committee 2019 – 2020
David Carlson
Victor Hu
Sarah Romano