It’s time to vote! Local elections impact us in so many ways. Affordable housing, climate justice, economic recovery, public safety, progressive taxation, housing people experiencing homelessness, and transportation are just some of the policy decisions made at the city and county level, and who we elect matters! UAW members are working to elect folks that share our values and will address the needs of our members and community. You can join fellow UAW members in getting out the vote by signing up here. 

The deadline to register online to vote or change your address (and still receive a mail-in ballot) is October 25th. For registered voters, ballots for the November 2nd General Election were mailed last week. If you’re not registered and would like to, you can do so online or via mail by October 25th, and in person by November 2nd (check out this page for more information).

Through our Political Work Group, UAW 4121 members assembled questionnaires, reviewed candidate responses and their records on our core issues, and conducted several candidate interviews. The result is a strong slate of recommendations that, if elected, will fight for issues most important to us.  If you have any questions or would like to see the questionnaires candidates filled out and/or the mayoral interviews we conducted, or want to get involved, email

Blue graphic with white text at the top: "UAW 4121 2021 Endorsements." Below are boxes with photos of candidates and races. Seattle: Mayor - Lorena Gonzalez. City Council 8 - Teresa Mosqueda. City Council 9 - Nikkita Oliver. City Attorney - Nicole Thomas Kennedy. School Board - Michelle Sarju. Port Commission 3 - Hamdi Mohamed. Port Commission 4 - Toshiko Grace Hasegawa. King County: KC Executive - Joe Nguyen. KC Council 3 - Sarah Perry. KC Council 9 - Kim-Khanh Van. Local Races: Burien City Council - Krystal Marx. Seatac City Council - Jake Simpson. Tukwila City Council - Tosh Sharp.


Mayor: M. Lorena González (Click to read more)
City Attorney: Nicole Thomas-Kennedy (Click to read more)
City Council Position 8: Teresa Mosqueda (Click to read more)
City Council Position 9: Nikkita Oliver (Click to read more)
Port Commissioner Position 3: Hamdi Mohamed
Port Commissioner Position 4: Toshiko Grace Hasegawa
School District 1, Director District 5: Michelle Sarju

King County

Executive: Joe Nguyen (Click to read more)
Council Position 3: Sarah Perry
Council Position 9: Kim-Khanh Van


City Council Position 7: Krystal Marx


City Council Position 2: Jake Simpson


City Council Position 1: Tosh Sharp

Lorena González – Seattle Mayor

We recommend a vote for Lorena González for Seattle Mayor because she is the candidate to support in terms of both policy and vision. Our interviews and further research showed how González has the experience, knowledge of and ongoing solidarity with labor, ability to get things done, and will work with our members on issues that impact us. As Mayor, González is ready to bargain the next SPOG (Seattle Police Officers Guild) contract to incorporate community demands of defunding and increased transparency and accountability. Furthermore, González is committed to community-led investments from the reallocation of the SPD budget. She also understands the needs for permanent affordable housing, including housing that is accessible to students, and has plans to increase access to affordable childcare. Lastly, she has plans to bring more progressive revenue to actually accomplish these goals building off her co-sponsorship of the JumpStart Seattle tax on big business. Vote Lorena González!

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy – Seattle City Attorney

We recommend a vote for Nicole Thomas-Kennedy for Seattle City Attorney. NTK’s plan for Seattle will bring research-based approaches to make us all safer, regardless of race, zip code or income — focusing on true public safety and the root causes of crime, not criminalizing poverty and one-size-fits-all punishment approaches that have been failing us. Instead, NTK will focus on prosecuting corporations and mega landlords that harm the environment, commit wage theft and hurt workers, and violate renter’s rights. Thomas-Kennedy will continue the re-allocation of millions of dollars from the City’s jail budget to affordable housing programs, begun by Pete Holmes’ office, and will invest in survivor-centered justice. Lastly, NTK is the only candidate that has the experience and has pledged to defend legal challenges to progessive taxes on big business like JumpStart, new tenant’s rights, and Green New Deal policies. Vote for Thomas-Kennedy!

Teresa Mosqueda – Seattle City Council Position 8

We recommend a vote for Teresa Mosqueda for Seattle City Council Position 8. Since taking office in 2017, Council Member Mosqueda has been a force for progressive change and strong labor rights. This year she led a coalition to pass critical legislation (JumpStart Seattle) to tax Amazon and other large corporations to fund affordable housing and provide additional support for non-citizens who were left behind by COVID-19 stimulus funding. Further, Mosqueda is a leader in pushing the City to create a Green New Deal. Then in 2019, Teresa Mosqueda hosted a Town Hall to spotlight the chronic problem of sexual harassment in academia as part of Postdocs’ campaign to form a union. Teresa Mosqueda is a clear champion for working people and our members. We are on Team Teresa! 

Nikkita Oliver – Seattle City Council Position 9

We recommend a vote for Nikkita Oliver for Seattle City Council Position 9. Oliver has deep roots in community organizing and will be a leader on the issues that matter most to our members, including affordable housing and the houseless crisis, investing in the community instead of police, and climate change. They have a vision for Seattle. Their campaign is not just about changing the parts of our system that have not been working for our communities, Oliver has plans for how to actually achieve their vision and the organizing experience to do it. Further, Nikkita Oliver is someone who has already worked in solidarity with our union and recently spoke at our Rally for a Fair Contract in April in support of our bargaining demands. Furthermore, they are extremely knowledgeable about the issues, will continue looking to the community for guidance, and bring a lived experience to the support of marginalized communities. Vote Nikkita Oliver!

Joe Nguyen – King County Executive

We recommend a vote for Joe Nguyen for King County Executive. Given Dow’s history supporting the youth jail despite community concerns and unwillingness to condemn sweeps, Nguyen stood out with his commitment to cutting 25% of spending on criminal justice from the King County budget (which currently 73% goes towards criminal justice) and reinvesting with participatory budgeting. Nguyen also has a strong vision for transit accessibility, including working towards making transit free in King County. Further, Nguyen has an approach of grassroots organizing to both his campaign and legislative work, something we can relate to in our union. Vote Joe Nguyen in November!