• The Postdoc bargaining team reached a tentative agreement this evening with Management.
  • This straw poll will be an important input to make a collective decision about when our strike will end. It will remain open until 8:30am tomorrow (Thursday). You may change/resubmit your vote until then. We will share the results of the poll shortly after it closes.
  • If we decide to continue with our strike, the first picket shifts of the day tomorrow will be the 10:30am shift. If we collectively decide to end the strike tomorrow morning, no need to report to your picket shifts.

A TA’d contract does not mean that the process is complete. Postdocs will be holding a Zoom meeting at 8:00am on Thursday to make a collective decision about whether PDs will return to work before or after we take a ratification vote. (RSVP for the 8:00am Zoom link here.)

Postdoc Bargaining Summary & Contract Ratification Process
The TA’d contract will not be officially in place until it is ratified by membership. More information around ratification timelines, including details around info sessions, ratification vote timelines, and more will follow tomorrow.

Tonight, along with all the wins we’ve made since October, we also reached a tentative agreement on the last remaining articles:

  • Minimum compensation for Scholars and Fellows will increase above the projected salary threshold set by the Washington Minimum Wage Act: $65,508 in 2023 and $68,456 in 2024.
  • Minimum increases on January 1st 2024 for Scholars and Fellows.
  • 2% across the board increases for those who don’t receive an increase to the minimum.
  • New minimums for Paid Direct Postdocs: $53,760 in 2023 and $56,484 for new appointments/reappointments after July 2024.
  • Paid Directs may no longer receive supplements from UW sources so must achieve these minimums from non-UW sources.
  • Increases may still be provided above rates set in this Article.
  • Any Paid Direct Postdocs making less than $65,508 will receive a stipend of $500 / month, which may be used for health care but is ultimately spent at the discretion of the Postdoc. This provision will become effective 90 days after ratification and expires with the contract.
  • Overtime MOU that enables Postdocs in certain situations to be able to track hours if needed.
  • Upon mutual agreement with their PIs, Postdocs will be able to reduce their FTE below 100%.
  • Two year duration (expires 1/31/2025). Enables us to start bargaining before next L&I salary threshold adjustment in September 2024.

In solidarity,

UAW 4121/UWPU Bargaining Committee