Workload and Academic Excellence


Our members have consistently communicated that ASE positions need to allow time to complete our student assignments so we can maintain reasonable time-to-degree.  We have bargained strong workload protections to ensure that:

  • 50% FTE Appointments cannot exceed 220 hours per quarter
  • Unpaid ASE duties cannot be required
  • All assigned ASE duties must count toward paid workload (including job-specific training or orientation, required meetings, required conferences, and tutee no-shows. Moreover any duties that occur outside of the academic term are included in the total workload for the quarter.
  • Workload violations are fully enforceable under the contract, including the right to appeal to a neutral third party arbitrator. When an ASE identifies excess workload the University is obligated to either provide extra compensation for the hours worked or reduce the work assignment to remain within 220 hours.

Any ASE who is concerned about workload should contact the Union immediately.  You are also encouraged to download a grid to help keep track of your hours.

Academic Excellence

The contract also establishes that ASEs maintain high quality standards when calculating workload: “assigned workload is measured by how many hours the University could reasonably expect an ASE to take to satisfactorily complete the work assignment so as to maintain excellence in teaching, research, and service.”

In situations where course changes from previous quarter – such as increases in student enrollment or volume of assignment – make it difficult to maintain quality in the course, ASEs may pursue changes by initiating conversations with their supervisors and pursuing a grievance under the workload article.