Bargaining This Week

This week we met again with UW for bargaining on Wednesday (2/25) and Thursday (2/26) [summary here]. Dozens attended our session on Thursday to speak out against the international student fee and hold the University accountable for continuing to target one subset of the student population to raise revenue. In addition we met with a representative from the University’s Work/Life office to discuss our proposals for making the University more family-friendly, and continued to push the University to resolve the problems with the GAIP health insurance. Thank you to all who responded to our request for stories about how the changes affected you: these are incredibly helpful!

 Your Input Needed: Campus Work Environment

The bargaining team continues to discuss with UW the need for improving campus climate, and specifically microaggressions. Microaggressions are everyday verbal, non-verbal, snubs, or insults- whether intentional or unintentional – which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages.

The University has agreed to invite a panel to bargaining to discuss how best address microaggressions on campus. But we need your help to make the case that microaggressions (and other forms of harassment) are pervasive and preventable.

You can help by taking two minutes to fill out this survey.

Further, we are looking for people to share their stories at the bargaining table. If you are willing to do so, please include your information at the end of this survey and/or attend a meeting of the microaggressions workgroup.

Walkout [#blacklivesmatter and National Adjunct Day of Action]

Local 4121 members came together with thousands of other students, faculty, staff, and community supporters on both the UW and Seattle University campuses to speak out for stronger labor and civil rights in our higher education system and our communities.  Check out our facebook page for images.


Wage Theft Clinic Announced

This week UAW Local 4121 and the UW School of Law announced the creation of a clinic to address employment law and wage theft claims.  Due to recent legal changes that empower workers, such as an increase the minimum wage, provision of paid sick/safe days, and protections against wage theft, this clinic is intended to help fill a need for workers in the community to access resources necessary to better enforce their rights. Check out the announcement here.

You can also take action TODAY in support of better laws to crack down on wage theft. Click here to email your legislators.