Blue banner reading "2020 UAW 4121 Endorsements"

In addition to the presidential election, the 2020 General Election features critical races in Washington state that will determine how we move forward and address the intersecting crises of public health, climate, racial justice, and the economy. Our work to dismantle racism, anti-Blackness, and economic exploitation; to ensure that struggling students and workers receive critical support during the pandemic (regardless of citizenship); to pass housing affordability and progressive taxation legislation; to prioritize climate justice: will all be heavily influenced by who is making decisions in Olympia and Washington D.C. UAW members across the country are massively mobilizing to contact voters and ensure our candidates win on Nov 3rd. You can join fellow UAW members in getting out the vote by signing up here.

If you’re registered to vote in WA, you should be receiving your ballot soon: please take a minute to send it in!

Through our Political Work Group, UAW 4121 members assembled questionnaires, reviewed candidate responses and their records on our core issues, and conducted several candidate interviews.  The result is a strong slate of recommendations that, if elected, will fight for issues most important to us.

The deadline to register online to vote or change your address (and still receive a mail-in ballot) is October 26th!  Ballots will start arriving on October 16, and ballot drop boxes close promptly at 8 pm on the 3rd of November. You can also register and update your address or name in person until 8 pm election day. If trans/nonbinary folks would like help navigating this process, please reach out to the Ingersoll Gender Center.

Below are our UAW recommendations! Click on the hyperlinked names to jump to more information and feel free to email if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of these candidates.

President and Vice President

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Statewide Races

Jay Inslee, Governor
Marko Liias, Lieutenant Governor (click for more info)
Bob Ferguson, Attorney General
Hilary Franz, Public Lands Commissioner


Suzan Del Bene, House CD 1
Rick Larsen, House CD 2
Carolyn Long, House CD 3
Derek Kilmer, House CD 6
Pramila Jayapal, House CD 7
Kim Schrier, House CD 8
Adam Smith, House CD 9
Beth Doglio, House CD 10 (click for more info)

State Legislature

Lori Feagan, House Seat Pos 1, LD 4
Ingrid Anderson, Senate, LD 5
Zack Zapponne, House Seat Pos 1, LD 6
Angie Homola, House Seat Pos 1, LD 10
Helen Price Johnson, Senate, LD 10
David Hackney, House Pos 1, LD 11 (click for more info)
Bob Hasegawa, Senate, LD 11
Danielle Garbe Reser, Senate, LD 16
Tara Simmons, House Pos 1, LD 23
Kevin Van De Wege, Senate, LD 24
Jamie Smith, House Pos 1, LD 25
Brian Duthie, House Pos 2, LD 25
Julie Door, Senate, LD 25
Laurie Jinkins, House Pos 1, LD 27
Jake Fey, House Pos 2, LD 27
Jeannie Darneille, Senate, LD 27
Mari Leavitt, House Pos 1, LD 28
T’wina Nobles, Senate, LD 28
Jamila Taylor, House Pos 1, LD 30 (click for more info)
Jesse Johnson, House Pos 2, LD 30
Joe Fitzgibbon, House Pos 2, LD 34
Noel Frame, House Pos 1, LD 36
Sarah Reyneveld, House Pos 2, LD 36 (click for more info)
Kirsten Harris-Talley, House Pos 2, LD 37 (click for more info)
Emily Wicks, House Pos 1, LD 38
June Robinson, Senate, LD 38
Debra Lekanoff. House Pos 1, LD 40
Lisa Wellman, Senate, LD 41
Sharon Shewmake, House Pos 2, LD 42
Nicole Macri, House Pos 1, LD 43
Frank Chopp, House Pos 2, LD 43
April Berg, House Pos 2, LD 44
Javier Valdez, House Pos 2, LD 46
Pat Sullivan, House Pos 2, LD 47

King County

Hillary Madsen, King County Superior Court, Position 13

Ballot Measures

APPROVE: Statewide Referendum 90 (click for more info)
REJECT: Engrossed State Joint Resolution No. 8212
APPROVE: King County Charter Amendments #1-7
APPROVE: King County Proposition 1 (click for more info)
APPROVE: Seattle Proposition 1 (click for more info)

Marko Liias, Lieutenant Governor

Marko Liias has been serving the 21st district in the WA State Legislature for 12 years, spending equal time as a Representative and a Senator, and he has supported progressive policies throughout his career. His personal involvement in grassroots environmental projects, strong support for collective bargaining, and continuing efforts to advance tenant’s rights and affordable housing reform set him apart from his competitor. Marko was a vocal and supportive ally in the legislature when the Postdoc unit of our union was forming, and he has recently sponsored multiple bills that support current and former students, protect LGBTQ youth, expand worker’s rights, and create opportunities for green union jobs. We believe Marko is the best choice for Lt. Governor, and he deserves your vote!

Beth Doglio, House CD 10

Although this race is crowded, the Political Work Group was unanimous in our enthusiasm for Beth Doglio. Beth has distinguished herself as a leading progressive in Olympia since 2017 and promises to carry that same energy into national politics. Beth promises to be a strong ally of labor and the environment in the 117th Congress, and has the record to prove it. In a year when progressives are doing well on down-ballot races nationwide, we join with over a dozen unions and national progressive leaders including Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Sen. Bernie Sanders in urging our South Sound members to vote Doglio.

David Hackney, House Pos 1, LD 11

David Hackney is running for  state representative in LD 11. He has a long track-record of community organizing against discrimination in housing and employment. He is a leader on renter’s rights, affordable housing, and will continue to fight for these issues in Olympia. Hackney is a proponent of restorative justice, ending mandatory sentencing, and is a leader in gun violence prevention. Further, his ideas for new infrastructure revolve around a green economy, getting folks out of cars, and cleaning up our shipping and delivery systems. Although Representative Hudgins has done good work in Olympia, we believe that Hackney will bring a new perspective and work hard towards moving Washington to a more equitable future. Cast your vote for Hackney!

Jamila Taylor, House Pos 1, LD 30

Jamila Taylor has a strong record of supporting and fighting for the most vulnerable folks in our communities. By day she is an attorney for victims of domestic violence, and by night she is a fierce community advocate, including by serving on the Federal Way Human Services Commission and addressing mass incarceration (among many others). She has a clear vision for a just economy, addressing harassment and discrimination, and will be a great labor ally in Olympia.  We were also impressed that she was one of the first candidates to have COVID resources available to her constituents. We need her expertise and leadership in LD 30 and in Olympia. Vote Jamila Taylor!

Sarah Reyneveld, House Pos 2, LD 36

Sarah Reyneveld is an Assistant Attorney General, union organizer with WFSE AFSCME Council 28, a former UAW 4121 member, and a former President of UW GPSS. She knows our issues very well, is running an impressive grassroots campaign, and her organizer experience and commitment to working people are clear in every answer to our questions. Her work as an Assistant Attorney General is to fight for fair wages for Washington workers, meanwhile she successfully helped pass policy and organized her colleagues to unionize. She has worked to increase affordable childcare in King County and address issues facing working families. In addition, we were impressed with her climate justice platform and approach to progressive tax reform. Cast your ballot for our union sibling Sarah!

Kirsten Harris-Talley, House Pos 2, LD 37

Kirsten Harris-Talley, also known as KHT, is running for state representative of LD 37. She stands above most others running for office in her breadth and depth of knowledge on policy issues. KHT is also deeply rooted in her community and brings her grassroots activism into her run for office. Even with limitations due to COVID, her commitment to these values is apparent in her approach to her candidacy: community listening circles, continuous outreach, and hitting the streets with the Black Lives Matter movement. KHT is a strong supporter of restorative justice, having worked on No New Youth Jail campaign and will be a champion in Olympia as we fight to re-imagine community safety. KHT has spent years fighting for the same campaigns that our union has supported, and even now is the only candidate in her race who supported Tax Amazon. KHT is a strong believer in progressive taxation and protecting worker’s rights. She is an ally our union would be lucky to have in the state legislature next year. Vote Kirsten Harris-Talley!

WA State Referendum 90

APPROVE: Age-appropriate, inclusive, comprehensive sexual health education for all public K-12 students.

We already know that sexual health education prevents unwanted pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections. However, this measure goes way beyond traditional sex ed in that it doesn’t just explain sexual mechanics, but rather a whole theory for healthy relationships, consent, and positive body image. Of course, the usual set of cultural reactionaries is lining up to smear this bill. Send a strong message for healthy relationships and healthy bodies by VOTING YES!

King County Proposition 1

APPROVE: Keep Harborview Strong

Currently, Harborview is the foundation of our public health response in our region, whether a pandemic like COVID hits, or natural disasters. Unlike other area hospitals, Harborview is owned and operated by the public and is supported with public funds. It is also one of the largest union employers and treats our labor family here in King County. Right now, Harborview is in need of repairs, retrofits, and expanding services for our most vulnerable populations. Therefore, we recommend voting yes on the Harborview Bond Levy as it supports healthcare workers, patients, and union construction jobs. Vote YES!

Seattle Proposition 1

APPROVE: Fund Public Transportation

Public Transportation recently took a hit in funding, and in a state that outlaws income tax as a progressive revenue source, this leaves us with few options to fill in the gap. If we want to maintain the ability to take advantage of our U-Pass once social distancing is relaxed, then this is the best way to ensure that the bus routes are still running.