Today UW Administration gave their last, best, and final contract offer for the next three years.  In making this proposal, they made clear that this is the last proposal they would offer, even if we decide to strike.

The bargaining committee needs your input. To help guide our decision on whether to reach agreement with the university and call off the strike tomorrow, please vote in this straw poll to decide the following:

1. Accept the University’s final offer (detailed below); or
2. Reject the offer, and begin our planned 2 week end of the quarter strike.

It will be most helpful to vote in this straw poll by 5pm. This is NOT a ratification vote — every member will have the opportunity to participate in a ratification vote if and when we meet agreement. 

Here is the UW Administration offer:

  • 2% annual wage increase for the next three years
  • $100 lump-sum payment at the start of each academic year (an amount that would offset the cost of one mandatory fee)
  • $15,000 increase in total money available annually for childcare subsidies (up to $60,000 from $45,000)
  • An agreement to allow UAW 4121 and 3 other unions on campus to participate in coalition bargaining this summer to seek remission or subsidy of the cost of the U-PASS ($84/quarter).
  • Removal of fee/tuition waiver loophole that would have allowed UW to change eligibility requirements for fee waivers, or to impose new fees that are not “student imposed.”

Prior to today, we have already won the following:

  • Healthcare plan is now fully trans-inclusive
  • Mental health coverage: the deductible is waived for all providers but still requires 10% coinsurance for in-network providers
  • Sexual Harassment Trainings will be developed and administered by ASEs
  • Departmental Equity Surveys
  • All ASEs will now receive paid 30-minute union orientations

For more information about all contract proposals — including full text of each article — see the summary here:

It’s important to keep in mind that if we work without a collective bargaining agreement over the summer, we will not receive a wage increase on July 1. If an agreement is not signed by the start of the Fall quarter, we will not have a waiver of the building fee ($318/quarter).

It’s also important to keep in mind that if we accept this offer, out of pocket net cost of fees continues to be at least $600 per year, and will be accepting an annual wage increase that is less than the expected annual increase in rent.