Note: This is a summary put together by the Elections Committee to help candidates and their supporters understand the general rules surrounding the election. This guide should not be taken as the final word; instead, please refer to applicable sections of the UAW Local 4121 Bylaws and the UAW International Constitution.

1. Elections Committee

  • This election is taking place under the supervision of the democratically elected Elections Committee. If after reading this guide, you have questions, please reach out to

2. Voting

  • All UAW 4121 members in good standing who are from the relevant unit for the position are eligible to vote.
  • The officer will be elected by a majority of votes cast by secret ballot. All members will be given a reasonable opportunity to vote.
  • Executive Board positions and head steward positions for their respective units will be voted on by all UAW 4121 members in good standing.
  • Steward elections will be voted on by only the UAW 4121 members in good standing from the respective department that the prospective steward(s) aims to represent.

3. Distribution of Campaign Literature:

  • The Elections Committee will distribute candidate statements that were submitted by the deadline by posting them on the elections webpage and making the links available in emails to the membership at the end of the nominations period and on the first day of balloting.

4. Campaigning and Union Resources:

  • Apart from resources provided equally to all candidates described above, no other Local Union resources may be used by any candidate to campaign for Local Union office. This applies to cash, facilities, equipment, vehicles, office supplies, etc., of UAW 4121 and any other union, and of employers whether or not they employ Local UAW 4121 members. 
  • This also includes the use of union membership and email lists, which cannot be used for campaigns.
  • Union officers and employees may not campaign on time paid for by the union. 
  • Candidates must be treated equally regarding the opportunity to campaign and that all members may support the candidates of their choice without being subject to penalty, discipline, or reprisal of any kind.

5. Voter Eligibility: 

  • All UAW 4121 members in good standing who are from the relevant unit for the position are eligible to vote.
  • As provided in Article 38, Section 10(a) of the Constitution, “Every member in good standing shall be entitled to vote at all Local Union elections.” Also, as per Article 6, Section 4, “membership shall date from the first day of the month for which dues are paid or dues check-off is authorized.” 
  • If you are not sure if you are eligible to vote, please contact

6. Challengers: 

  • A challenger is a candidate representative who may attend the online ballot count to watch the conduct of Election Committee members to ensure that the election is conducted in a fair and impartial manner.
  • Each candidate may designate one (1) member of the Local Union to be present at the ballot count as a challenger.

7. Protests: 

  • A member who believes there is substantial evidence of fraud that influenced the outcome of the election may lodge a protest within 7 days, or before the next membership or executive board meeting, whichever is later, pursuant to the Local Bylaws and International Union Constitution.

8. Questions or Problems: