The nomination period for the Fall elections closed this past Saturday evening, February 4th. Nominations for most positions were uncontested, so we are excited to announce the names and positions of automatically elected members. Congratulations to all of the newly elected Officers!

The following new Executive Board Members have been elected:

  • Executive Board – Vice President – Avi Matarasso
  • Executive Board – Financial Secretary – Lucia Baker

The following new ASE Stewards have been elected:

  • Aquatic and Fishery Sciences – Christopher Setzke
  • Bioengineering – Nicole Gregorio
  • Chemistry – Sasha Naomi
  • Chemistry – Maddie Breshears
  • Chemistry – Doria Unrau
  • Communication – Erin Keoppen
  • Computer Science and Engineering – Leah Perlmutter
  • Computer Science and Engineering – Amal Nanavati
  • Computer Science and Engineering – Kyle Deeds
  • Computer Science and Engineering – Mitchell Levy
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering – Sachin Nayak
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering – Deniz Dosluoglu
  • Human Centered Design & Engineering – Caitie Lustig
  • Pathology & Lab Medicine – Jack Castelli
  • Mathematics – Natasha Crepeau
  • Mathematics – Nelson Niu
  • Microbiology – Elliot Lee
  • Physics – Jane Gunnell
  • Physics – Carl Thomas

The following new Postdoc Stewards have been elected:

  • Chemistry – Sarah Pristash
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering – Brant Bowers
  • Microbiology – Lauren Shull

Please refer to this UAW page to see still-open ASE & Postdoc Steward positions. If you are interested in holding a Departmental Vacancy Election in order to fill one of these positions, and you are a union member who has been in good standing for at least ninety (90) days, please contact the Elections Committee at to start that process.

ASE Political Science Steward Election

Two ASEs have accepted nominations for the one vacant ASE Political Science Steward position: Cody Little and Rachel Fordham.

Online voting by secret ballot will take place from Wednesday, February 15th, to Saturday February 18th. Instructions for online voting will be emailed to all ASE members in Political Science before the voting and will be posted on Candidates will be expected to follow the rules for campaigning outlined here.

A candidate must receive a majority of votes to win. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes for a position, a runoff election will be held on Wednesday, February 22nd to Saturday, February 25th. Voting will take place online.

In solidarity,

UAW Local 4121 Elections Committee 2022-2023

Al Snow

Eva Maxfield Brown

Lidia Morris

Ben Link