We’re writing with an update on the UAW 4121 Triennial Election now that the period for accepting nominations has closed.

The candidates for the following contested positions are:

Steward – Region 1 (2 positions):

  • Ruby Byrne
  • Elliot Koontz
  • Ben Maldonato
  • Marc Vrana

Steward – Region 3 (1 position):

  • Kyle Kubler
  • Mandy McCourt
  • Andre Stephens

Members may only vote for Steward in a jurisdictional region in which they are enrolled or employed. A list of departments in each region is available at the bottom of this page.

You should have received a postcard with a unique scratch-off access code for your online ballot. Please do not discard this postcard until after the election. If you did not receive a postcard, please notify the Election Committee. More information on voting is available here.

The following positions are uncontested, and the candidates are automatically elected:

President: David Parsons
Vice President: Arshiya Hoseyni Chime
Financial Secretary: Sam Sumpter
Recording Secretary: Dylan Mayer
Sergeant-at-Arms: Monica Cortes Viharo
Guide: Elizabeth Mills
– Theresa Aliwarga
– Toni Ferro
Viral Shah

At Large Bargaining Team
Region 1

– Kristen Garofali
– Shua Sanchez

Region 2

– Ying-Yu Chen
– Arash Tarkhan

Region 3

– Katya Kolesova
– Michelle Pham

Region 4

– Douglas Avella-Castro
– Andrea Canini

Region 5

– Anthony Castanza
– Chelsea Pagan

Region 2

– Stephen Keating

Region 4
– Ada Danelo
– Joel Gombiner
– Baya D. Walls

Region 5
– Sarah Romano
– Zak Wescoe

Congratulations to these candidates!

In solidarity,

UAW 4121 Election Committee

Cynthia Bennett

Sean Fujimori

Alice Hofgren

Rafal Kocielnik

Alex Lenferna