As you know the Settlement Agreement we reached with the University over SFR and U-PASS fees provides that in Spring 2013 and subsequent quarters the University may issue remittances after the fees have been paid.  It also provides that UW will issue any reimbursements promptly and that UW will “enact a system that mitigates the cash flow challenges to which ASEs are subject when fees are due.”  As many of you have pointed out, the current system has resulted in significant delays in reimbursements (Winter quarter 2013 SFR Fees were paid on January 25th but have not been reimbursed).  While we expected UW to have some complications getting systems set up for efficient reimbursements in the first quarter we have not yet seen plans for how reimbursements will be enacted more promptly in the future.

We are holding a meeting this Thursday (4/18) at 2 PM in Foege N503 for any member who wishes to discuss this further and help develop plans for responding collectively on this issue.  If you cannot make the meeting please feel free to email us questions or ideas for next steps.

In addition there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re receiving appropriate payments:

  1. Update your address in Employee Self-Service (ESS).  Please note that the University’s student and employee systems are not integrated, so updates you make to one system will not automatically register in the other.  Current and future reimbursements will be sent to the address in your ESS.
  2. Go to this website if you were a U-PASS non-user in Winter 2013 and fill in the required information.  UW will be using this to expedite handling of reimbursements.
  3. Include your employee identification number (not your student i.d.) in all of your communications with UW.  You can find your employee i.d. by checking your Employee Self-Service page.