From the Critical Development Forum:

Many of you have heard about the “Occupy [Insert City Namer Here]” movement across the nation, and now in the City of Seattle.  Many have seen the news picturing a sea of tents, protestors and signs with messages like “Corporations are Not People” and “Inequality Hurts All of Us“.
Some of you might have even been down there camping out in your tent and at the regular assemblies on the front lines of the movement. Some might be on the fence about jumping in on the action before knowing where this is all going and what it means.
Whether you are from the 99%, the 1% or the 53%, we encourage everyone with a curiosity or opinion on the Occupy movement to come join the Critical Development Forum (CDF) at an event this Friday November 4th 430pm-730pm at the University of Waghinton Foege Building Room S-060 (15th Ave NE and NE Pacific Street). This open mic event is hosted by a new group of faculty, graduate students and undergraduates on the UW campus called the Global 99
What will this event be? A chance to learn about the Occupy Wallstreet movement and voices and purpose behind it.

WITNESS! Local and international students share personal stories of economic inequalities affecting their lives, communities, and health
SPEAK OUT! Step up to the mic and share your story
EDUCATE! Educators show how inequality and health connect to the Occupy Wall Street movement
CREATE! Performance by rapper Jesse McCall
GET INVOLVED! Join working groups to organize future actions and events

Check it out on Facebook: Global 99 Open Mic to learn more. CDF will be there and we hope you will be too! Email with any questions!