UAW 4121 Membership Meeting, 6.9.16

Meeting begins @ 5:30 PM

Approve Agenda (2 min)

Approve Minutes (2 min)

Elections Committee Report (5 min)

Fund TAs: Discussion of Status of Bargaining Demand and Next Steps (10 min)
Any members facing cuts send should send information to UAW 4121 contract enforcement work group —

Contract Enforcement Reports and Campaigns (10 min)
Establishment of no TA cuts work group
Contact: – Michael Reagan

Report on Anthropology Grievance Against Institutionalized Racism
Establishment of department level workgroups
Commitment to establish dept templates for grievances
Communication across dept level workgroups
Contact: – Doug Avella, – Andrea Canini

Climate Caucus and Climate Justice Campaigns (10 min)
Report on King County Labor Council Climate Caucus and Climate Change Speakers Bureau
Contact Naomi Goldenson –

Trans* Equity Campaigns and Resolution Opposing Initiative 1515 (10 min)
Motion to approve Resolution Opposing Initiative 1515 (m,s, c)
UW commitment to converting all single stall restrooms to gender neutral by end of Summer 2016
Contact –

Motion to adjourn (m,s,c)
Meeting adjourned @ 6:13 PM