UAW 4121

Dear UAW Member,

The nomination period for the Fall elections closed this past Sunday evening, October 23rd. Nominations for most positions were uncontested, so we are excited to announce the names and positions of automatically elected members. Congratulations to all of the newly elected Officers!

The following members have been elected as Head Stewards:

  • ASE Head Stewards – Soohyung Hur, Francesca Colonnese
  • Postdoc Head Steward – Rebecca Bluett
  • PostDoc Unit Chair – Lucia Baker
  • ASE Unit Recording Secretary – Brianne King
  • PostDoc Unit Recording Secretary – Pat Erickson

The following new ASE Stewards have been elected:

  • Applied Math – Erin Angelini
  • Asian Languages & Literatures – Ami Tanahashi
  • Bioengineering – Susana Simmonds Bohorquez
  • Biology – Amy Platenkamp, Yasmeen Erritouni
  • Biostatistics – Katie Paulson, Ellen Graham
  • Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE) – Madeline Werner
  • Chemistry – Helen Larson
  • Cinema & Media Studies – Cain Miller
  • Earth & Space Sciences – Peter Lindquist
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering – Christopher Yin
  • English – Micaela Chavez, Missy Gonzalez
  • Environmental & Forest Science – Sofi Courtney
  • Evans School of Public Policy & Governance – Matthew Mitnick
  • Genome Sciences – Luana Paleologu
  • Geography – Clara Lemme Ribeiro
  • Information School – Izzi Grasso
  • Marine & Environmental Affairs – Kurt Ellison
  • Mechanical Engineering – Alexander Novokhodko, Sree Prasanna Rajagopal
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology – Violet Sorrentino
  • Neuroscience Graduate Program – Scott Sterrett
  • Odegaard Writing & Research Center – Anita Zeng
  • Philosophy – Erica Bigelow
  • Physics – Ivan Chernyshev, Elias Lilleskov
  • Psychology – Dominic Sivitilli, Lauren Smith
  • Sociology – Todd Nobles
  • Speech & Hearing Sciences – Elise LeBovidge

The following new Postdoc Stewards have been elected:

  • Biochemistry – John Wang
  • Mechanical Engineering – Kee Onn Fong
  • Dentistry – Doris Haydee Rosero Salazar
  • Physiology & Biophysics – Moshe Gordon

Please refer to this UAW page to see still-open ASE & Postdoc Steward positions. If you are interested in holding a Departmental Vacancy Election in order to fill one of these positions, and you are a union member who has been in good standing for at least ninety (90) days, please contact the Elections Committee at to start that process.

ASE Biochemistry Steward Election

Three ASEs have accepted nominations for the two vacant ASE Biochemistry Steward positions: Audrey O’Neill, Jacob North, and Marisa Brandys.

Online voting by secret ballot will take place from Monday, November 7th to Thursday, November 10th. Instructions for online voting will be emailed to all ASE members in Biochemistry before the voting and will be posted on Candidates will be expected to follow the rules for campaigning outlined here.

A candidate must receive a majority of votes to win. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes for a position, a runoff election will be held on Monday November 14th to Wednesday November 16th. Voting will take place online.

In solidarity,
UAW Local 4121 Elections Committee 2022-2023
Eva Maxfield Brown
Al Snow
Lidia Morris