UAW 4121

Dear UAW Member,

The nomination period for the Fall vacancy elections closed this past Sunday evening, October 24th. Nominations for all positions were uncontested, so we are excited to announce that all nominees have been elected automatically. Congratulations to all of the newly elected Officers!

The following members have been elected to the Executive Board:

  • Vice President – Nayon Park
  • Recording Secretary – Max Friedfeld
  • Financial Secretary – Emily Myers
  • Sergeant-at-Arms – Brianne King
  • Guide – Nicholas Bolten
  • Trustees – Marissa Parker, Anzela Niraula, and Levin Kim
  • At-Large Board Members – Amal Nanavati and Braeden Van Deynze

The following members have been elected as Head Stewards:

  • ASE Head Steward Unit Chair – Vern Harner
  • ASE Head Stewards – Julia Ball, Anastasia Schaadhardt, Yuying Xie, and Kate Conroy
  • Postdoc Head Steward Unit Chair – Erin Morgan
  • Postdoc Head Steward – Tucker Burgin

The following new Stewards have been elected:

  • Biochemistry – Marisa Brandys and Audrey O’Neill
  • Chemistry – Theresa Gozzo
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering – Adi Stein
  • Computer Science and Engineering – Aleks Jovčić and Dorna Abdolazimi
  • Information School – Leo Stewart
  • Microbiology – Elliot Lee
  • Philosophy – Erica Bigelow

The following members have been elected as Constitutional Convention Delegates:

  • Max Friedfeld
  • Levin Kim
  • Nayon Park

In solidarity,

UAW Local 4121 Election Committee 2021-2022
Amanda Manaster
Cecily Rosenbaum
Erin Broatch
Kirill Tchernyshyov
Patrick Erickson