As agreed at last week’s membership meeting, we will host elections for currently vacant leadership positions in the next month.  This is an opportunity for you to lead the union as we enter into contract bargaining season.  It is especially important that we show the university we are engaged and united during bargaining, so we need to fill as many of these positions as possible!

The following positions are vacant and open to new candidates.  You can find which region you belong to by looking up your department affiliation at the bottom of our leadership page.

  • Executive Board, Vice President
  • Executive Board, Trustee
  • Bargaining Committee, Region 2
  • Bargaining Committee, Region 3
  • Bargaining Committee, Region 4
  • Bargaining Committee, Region 5
  • Steward, Region 1 (three openings)
  • Steward, Region 2 (seven openings)
  • Steward, Region 3 (five openings)
  • Steward, Region 4 (ten openings)
  • Steward, Region 5 (four openings)

You can read more about the responsibilities of StewardsBargaining Committee members, and Executive Board members at these links to our bylaws.

Interested in running for a position?  All union members who have been in good standing long enough (1 year for executive board positions, 90 days for all other positions) are automatically nominated.  All you need to do is email us before Sunday 11/19 at with the subject “Accept Nomination: Steward, Region 2” (replace ‘Steward, Region 2” with the position you’re interested in). You may also wish to draft a candidate statement of up to 500 words and/or a photo, which must be received by the end of the nomination period.

Below is the timeline we approved for this Fall’s elections.

  • Nomination Period: Monday 11/13 – Sunday 11/19 (also deadline to submit optional candidate statements and photos)
  • Campaign Period: Monday 11/20 – Sunday 12/3 (for contested positions)
  • Voting: Monday 12/4 – Friday 12/8 (for contested positions)
  • Runoff: Monday 12/11 – Tuesday 12/12 (if necessary)
  • (all dates extend to 11:59pm Pacific Time)

We will conduct voting online, as approved at our last membership meeting.  Please let us know if you anticipate difficulty voting online, so that we can provision time to provide for in-person voting.  We are finalizing the exact online voting platform to use in the next couple weeks.


Election Committee 2017-2018
UAW Local 4121

Dylan Hutchison
Jacob O’Connor
Marc Schmalz
Michelle Pham
Ali Pour Issa
Micah Buuck