At today’s membership meeting, members decided to begin the vote for whether to approve the agreement with UW on Monday, January 28th.  Voting will take place in person and online.  We’ll send out further details about the vote soon, as well as frequently asked questions and more information about the agreement.

Also, many of you have inquired about whether tomorrow’s action will continue in light of the agreement with UW and the upcoming vote.  Members decided today that we would continue with tomorrow’s action – recognizing the symbolism of the quarterly tuition/fee deadline – but would focus primarily on the need for the state legislature to increase support for higher education and minimize the likelihood of further tuition/fee increases.  Please come for a short rally at 12:30 in front of Schmitz Hall, and then (if you can) pay your fees at the same time as other ASEs who also have held off submitting their payment.  Don’t forget to wear your blue union shirt (shirts will be available for those who do not yet have one).

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow; feel free to continue sending questions/comments our way.