It was a beautiful day to be out on the picket lines, coming together to support each other and make our voices heard. On Friday (6/9) at 2pm, we will gather at the picket line at 15th and Stevens Way to stand united against UW Admin’s bullying tactics to round out our first week. Sign up for next week’s shifts here.

If you haven’t signed on to the letter condemning UW for their attempt to intimidate international scholar members, please take a moment to add your name now. 

Here is a quick digest of our second day on strike for equitable contracts:

In the morning, we greeted President Cauce and the rest of the Board of Regents as they entered Suzzallo for their June meeting. We asked them what they were doing to end the strike by agreeing to equitable contracts, and whether they were aware of UW’s scare tactics targeting visa holders.

Throughout the day, countless campus workers refused to cross picket lines in solidarity, including many delivery truck drivers. We had some amazing interactions with people passing by all our picket lines! At Montlake we talked with a worker from the hospital kitchens, who reported that our strike was inspiring her and her coworkers. One of their coworkers brought us amazing homemade bread rolls! We were also joined by faculty – including one sporting full regalia. We kept up the solidarity spirits high at 15th & Stevens, and 45th and Memorial Drive with music, including some top-notch drumming and songs with custom lyrics.

Not to mention, picket pups were out in full force today building pawlidarity with us all!

We also have a strong turnout from Researchers and Postdocs who cannot physically be at the picket lines but are still committed to remote picketing and critical behind-the-scenes work. We have been reaching out to UW Admin, connecting with fellow Researchers and Postdocs to encourage them to picket and address questions and concerns, and making social media happen.

It was so amazing and inspiring to be out on the picket lines today – let’s keep the energy up for tomorrow!

Strike Day 3 Logistics
All who signed up for a picket shift should have received an email from their picket captain with their time and location for tomorrow. If you have not received an email, just show up at one of the four picket locations for a shift tomorrow, and for the remaining day this week, please sign up for your picket shifts here.

Please prioritize attending the mass action at 2pm to stand united against UW Admin’s bullying tactics. We will be meeting at the picket line at 15th & Stevens Way.

Locations and times
Pickets will run from 5am to 5pm and there are three shifts. Please be sure to check in with your shift coordinator when you arrive (this will ensure you qualify for strike pay).

  • 5-9am
  • 9am-1pm
  • 1-5pm

Pickets will be in the following locations

Items we recommend you bring to your picket shift 

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Battery pack (if needed for device)
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Feel free to bring entertainment: (musical instruments, lawn games)

Picket lines are open to the whole community. Family, friends are welcome and encouraged to join.

Remote Picket Session
If you are located out of state, you will be able to picket remotely. Remote shifts will run from 9am-1pm. All remote picketers need to sign up for your picket shifts. Information about shift responsibilities will be shared with remote picketers.

Bargaining Updates
Management finally reached out over email this afternoon to ask to set up meetings with both bargaining teams. On Friday morning, each bargaining team will meet (separately) with Management, and we will share updates following the meeting.

The power we’re building is crucial to ensuring that RSEs and Postdocs can thrive at the UW in the long-term, and for ASEs next year; together we will win the fair contracts we deserve.

If you have questions related to picket line logistics, please email If you have questions more broadly, please review our FAQ, read the mailbag posts, or the 6/5 unit email. If you don’t see your question answered, please reach out to