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As we are all aware, rent, utilities, and other housing costs in the Puget Sound region have been soaring. Many of us, particularly international students, students with disabilities, LGBTQ+, and students of color, face additional housing inequities and insecurities as well as accessibility problems that are worsened by these rising costs. Still the UW, in its frequently overlooked role as a landlord, has a significant impact on the costs and accessibility of housing for students.

Our Housing Justice Working Group has been organizing towards a more just power balance between tenants and landlords for accessible, stable, and safe housing, or PASS (power, accessibility, stability, and safety) in housingIn order to build an effective campaign, we need your input – take the 2022 Housing Survey today! The survey takes 15 minutes or less to complete, and all questions are optional.

By aggregating our shared experiences with housing in the Puget Sound area through the survey, we will be able to identify critical issues that impact all of us to build an effective housing justice campaign around. These structural issues are not ones that we are able to effectively address individually, but something we can have a voice in by coming together through collective action. Sign up here to help spread the word about the survey within your departments and networks with resources and support from a Housing Justice organizer!

Title: Does your landlord get a PASS? Underneath the title, a blue arrow pointing to a graphic of a "Housing Report Card" with question marks for Power Balance, Accessibility, Stability, and Security.

To get involved in organizing around housing, to talk about any housing issues you’re facing, or to ask any questions, reach out to

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