Many in our communities have been struck by the devastating loss of life and brutal acts of violence in Israel and Palestine, which have been unfolding over decades. As we collectively mourn the heartbreaking loss of Palestinian and Israeli lives, we strongly condemn the policies and actions over the past 75 years that have enabled and exacerbated the violent and unequal costs of this decades-long occupation.

As a union of a diverse and international workforce, we continue to advocate for our rights as academic workers to stand against violence and oppression without fear of retaliation or experiencing negative consequences in our workplace. We encourage members to get in touch with with any questions or concerns.

Furthermore, we join with community organizations in calling on our elected representatives in Congress to follow the leadership of Representative Pramila Jayapal and others in taking action for the protection of civilian life and full humanitarian assistance and sponsoring the #CeasefireNow resolution.

We reaffirm our commitments to Palestinian solidarity rooted in an unwavering stance against antisemitism and Islamophobia and call on the Biden administration to take concrete actions towards immediate ceasefire and dismantling Israel’s apartheid system. In doing so, we are proud to uphold the legacy of the UAW in standing against interlocking forms of oppression by building intersectional solidarity and worker power and to stand with other Region 6 UAW Locals in our collective commitment to “building the power of all working people to author a just and peaceful future.” To get involved, reach out to the Solidarity & Mobilization WG by emailing