Take Action for Reproductive Justice

Photo of a crowd of thousands of people listening to a speaker at the 6/24/22 rally for reproductive rights in downtown Seattle. Many in the crowd hold signs with pro-choice messages.

On Friday, UAW members turned out in force to rally take action for abortion rights. Alongside thousands of others in Seattle, we made it clear: we won’t accept anything less than comprehensive reproductive justice. Keep reading for specific action items all members can participate in.

  • Join the Solidarity & Mobilization Workgroup: 4121 members are encouraged to join the Solidarity & Mobilization Workgroup to continue building our collective organizing alongside fellow members and in coalition with others in the community. Our next meeting is today, Thursday, June 30 at 12pm – email solidarity@uaw4121.org or join the #Reproductive-Rights Slack channel for more information.
  • Sign the petition demanding City Council:
    • Make Seattle an Abortion Rights Sanctuary City!
    • Fund FREE ABORTIONS for ALL Seattle residents & ANYONE fleeing abortion-related criminal charge by increasing the Amazon Tax!
  • Testify to Seattle City Council: on Tuesday, July 5th. Tell City Council why they should support Councilmember Sawant’s legislation to make Seattle an abortion rights sanctuary city and fund free abortions in the budget:
  • Make a donation: If you’re able, please also consider donating to locally-focused reproductive justice organizations like Northwest Abortion Access FundSurge Reproductive Justice, & the National Abortion Fund 
  • For more actions, coalition meetings, and resources, visit ReproJusticeNow.org

Summer Organizing Workshops To Build Power

RSVP for this summer’s Workshops to Build Power! Members will go through the series in cohorts that each focus on building a particular campaign – e.g., around bargaining, housing justice, an issue in your department, or anything else you can think of. Synchronous trainings will run every other week, and will be a great place to develop tools and strategies for building power. On off weeks, cohorts will put the training content to work and actually build their campaign together. More information about the schedule and cohorts can be found here.

If your Organizing Committee already has an issue or campaign you’d like to work on this summer, you can join as a pre-formed cohort. If you don’t have an OC or a group already put together, you can sign up individually and you’ll be grouped up with others based on your interests.

Trainings will run in July and August on Tuesdays from 5:30-7pm via Zoom. To RSVP, fill out this form. If you have questions, ideas for a cohort, or would like to talk more with an organizer, you can also email political-education@uaw4121.org.

U-PASS for All Celebration

Starting July 1, UW will provide all faculty and staff with a fully-subsidized transit pass, in addition to the many campus workers (including ASEs and Postdocs!) who had previously won it in union contracts. Winning this benefit was a top priority for our union, and is the result of a multi-year campaign by UW workers, labor unions including UAW 4121, community organizations, and transit and environmental advocates. Together, we held rallies, stopped traffic, wrote letters, bargained contracts, delivered petitions, testified at meetings and more. The UW put up incredible resistance, telling us there was no way they could provide this benefit. And now, finally, they’re doing it.

Come celebrate this victory with snacks and ice cream TODAY Thursday, June 30 from 4-6pm! Head to the grassy area north of the UW School of Law, just two blocks east of the U-district Light Rail Station. RSVP and share on Facebook or just drop by.

In Solidarity,
Justin Applegate
Ana Bennett
Erica Bigelow
Nick Bolten
Jonathan Fisher
Max Friedfeld
Colleen Hoffman
Levin Kim
Avi Matarasso
Nicel Mohamed-Hinds
Erin Morgan
Emily Myers
Amal Nanavati
Anzela Niraula
Marissa Parker
Mark Rafferty
Tahiyat Rahman
Anastasia Schaadhart
Audrey Seo
Jer Steeger
Sam Sumpter
Samantha Thompson
Natalie Wellen
Tricia Wu
Yuying Xie