Great news! Tonight, amidst massive nationwide protests at airports around the country — including SeaTac — a federal judge in Brooklyn issued an emergency stay against the executive order banning immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. This temporary ruling is nationally applicable and protects refugees and visa and green card holders from being deported. This is a huge development and a great step in the right direction.

However, our members and thousands of others are still affected.  Note: University of Washington student employees (and Local 4121 members) are currently not able to return to the U.S. due to this unjust ban.

If you or someone you know is affected by this, please let us know immediately so we can help.

We cannot let up the pressure.  We are seeing that when we fight on all fronts (direct action, legal action (including filing grievances under our collective bargaining agreement, political engagement, and more) we can win.

The movement is building and more actions are upcoming! Join us tomorrow at Westlake from 5-8pm to continue resisting the Executive Orders that target immigrants and refugees.  We expect future actions in response to actions that restrict or threaten the rights and safety of marginalized communities.

Also join us Wed, February 1 at 1pm in Research Commons Red A for our next International Solidarity workshop where international students can learn more from an attorney about the recent (and prospective) executive orders and we can continue to strategize.

If you haven’t already, please sign our Pledge to Action to resist hate and stay in touch about upcoming actions.

In Solidarity,
Theresa Aliwarga
Douglas Avella-Castro
Andrea Canini
Anthony Castanza
Ying-Yu Chen
Monica Cortes Viharo
Kristen Garofali
Arshiya Hoseyni Chime
Katya Kolesova
Dylan Mayer
Elizabeth Mills
Chelsea Pagan
David Parsons
Michelle Pham
Shua Sanchez
Viral Shah
Sam Sumpter
Arash Tarkhan
Judy Twedt