Political Science ASE Steward Vacancy Election

Two ASEs have accepted nominations for the one vacant ASE Political Science Steward position: Cody Little and Rachel Fordham. 

Online voting by secret ballot will take place from Wednesday, February 15th, to Saturday February 18th. Candidate statements and instructions for online voting will be emailed to all ASE members in Political Science before the voting and will be posted on www.uaw4121.org/elections. Candidates will be expected to follow the rules for campaigning outlined here.

A candidate must receive a majority of votes to win. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes for a position, a runoff election will be held on Wednesday, February 22nd to Saturday, February 25th. Voting will take place online.

Rachel Fordham

Candidate did not submit photo/statement. 

Cody Little

Cody Little

This upcoming contract negotiation is incredibly important for all teaching assistants and post-
doctoral fellows at the University of Washington. Now more than ever, the workers of the political science department need strong representation in the UAW to ensure that our voice is heard and that our
needs are met. I believe that raising stipends and reducing academic fees should be the top priority. It is
integral for our department to remain competitive to new applicants and to retain the graduate students we
do have by providing a livable wage. The University of Washington can and should provide a financially
secure environment for its graduate students and postdocs. Though this may be my first year at the
University of Washington, I am confident that I will be the Union Steward you deserve. Thank you!