Trans Equity


Who We Are

The Trans Equity Working Group focuses on supporting trans ASEs and improving working and living conditions for trans students, workers, and community members both at the UW and in the Seattle area.

Short-term goals:

  • Provide our UW trans community with clear, public, and readily-accessible information regarding LifeWise insurance coverage of transition-related healthcare, trans-affirming doctors, and their rights as students and workers
  • Support ongoing insurance claims and appeals processes
  • Ensure the implementation of contractual provisions regarding gender-neutral bathrooms and protection from microaggressions
  • Build relationships with other organizations in the area and collaborate with them to increase support and access to resources for the UW trans community

Long-term goals:

  • Develop and implement organizing strategies that structurally rebalance power for trans people at UW, including in resistance to hostile agendas such as that of the Trump administration. 
  • Build strong networks of trans justice at UW, in Seattle, in Washington State, and beyond, including by building networks of support and educational resources, rapid response, etc.
What We Do

Through collective action and collective bargaining, we can win structural improvements for the trans community at UW and beyond:

Graphic of a timeline with text that reads: Feb-May 2015: Majority of ASEs complete bargaining surveys, majority of ASEs sign onto demands, Strike authorization vote: 2248/4000 (56%) with 90% voting yes, direct actions. Aug 2015: Seattle City ordinance. Nov 2015: Union grievance. Jan 2016: Join statewide coalition. feb 2016: Rally in Olympia. March 2016: Targeted direct actions. May 2016: statements at WSLC convention. June 2016: Presentation at MLK Labor. Aug 2016: Hundreds of campus bathrooms converted.

Timeline of 2015-2016 bathroom equity campaign (click to enlarge)

  • Health Care: We are currently working to update our ongoing list of trans-affirming health providers in the Seattle area who accept GAIP.
  • We sponsored a Trans Resource Fair in Fall 2019 for all UW trans folks and allies, featuring a dozen local trans organizations including: Ingersoll Gender Center, Gay City, the Northwest Network, UW Q Center, Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network, Pride Foundation, LGBTQ Allyship, the Lavender Rights Project, and more.
  • Co-sponsored a panel event on the 2018 Trans Day of Remembrance
  • Preferred Names: Starting Winter 2019, TAs and Instructors will now be listed on the UW Time Schedule by their preferred name.
  • Health Care: As of Spring 2018’s contract between UW and ASEs, health care coverage through GAIP is fully trans-inclusive.
  • Bathroom Equity: Single-use bathrooms on campus have been converted into gender-neutral bathrooms, in compliance with a Seattle ordinance, since 2016. Our actions helped move UW to implement this change. Gender-neutral bathrooms on campus are listed by the Q Center.
  • Health Care: In Fall 2015, we distributed a survey to all ASEs to gather information on the health care needs of trans members. We are in ongoing efforts to improve GAIP coverage of trans-related health services, including clarification on which services are covered, calling for improved trans competency of Lifewise representatives, etc.
  • Statement on 2015 Trans Day of Remembrance
  • Resolution Against I-1515 (passed unanimously in June 2016 Membership Meeting)
  • Resolution Against I-1552 (passed unanimously in June 2017 Membership Meeting). Members of the Trans Equity Working Group also spoke at meetings of the MLK County Labor Council and Washington State Labor Council to successfully encourage “no” votes from those bodies.

Trans Equity members protest proposed bathroom legislation in Olympia in February 2016.

Get Support

If you have comments, questions, or are experiencing problems in your workplace because of your gender identity, please email us at

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Get Involved

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