UAW Members are Planning January Actions while UW Continues to Impose New Fees
At last Friday’s membership meeting, members proposed and unanimously approved a January Action Plan in response to the University’s continuing to require new fees (SFR and Universal U-Pass) of TAs and RAs with waivers.  Since the Arbitrator may issue a second decision any time after December 19th, members agreed on the following plan pending the decision:

Don’t Pay (Yet) & Take Action
If you have the ability to withhold your payment, wait until the January 25th 2013 deadline  to pay your fees (any or all of them) at the same time as other TAs and RAs.  Then come to Schmitz Hall on 1/25/13 for an action: pay your fees and/or participate in a demonstration.  Details will be disseminated closer to the date of the action.

UAW members are assembling materials and talking points to be available throughout the month of January for any instructional ASE who wishes to discuss the issue with students.  Materials will also facilitate discussion of how this issue connects more broadly to larger themes (respect for collective bargainingstudent debtnew models of funding higher education, etc).

Tell ASEs now about the Winter Quarter plan to Coordinate Fee Payments, Take Action at Schmitz (1/25/13) and Teach About the Issue.  Don’t forget that you can direct members to our website, or follow us on Facebook/Twitter and re-post.

Please stay tuned over Winter Break as important developments may occur between now and January 6th.  As always, let us know if you have any questions or want to be involved in planning.