Today, 40 port truck drivers will be walking the halls of power in Olympia making their final case to state Senators and asking them to support SHB2395, a bill that will end their misclassification as “independent” contractors. This bill would make port truck drivers employees under Washington State law, giving drivers access to:


  • Workers Compensation:  payment for medical care and lost time due to injuries on the job.


  • Disability Insurance: payments for family support if permanently injured on the job.


  • Unemployment Insurance: payments if laid off.


  • Civil Rights: Protection from discrimination on the job based on race or national origin.


  • Fair Wages: A right to net pay of at least $540 for every 60 hours worked (after all expenses).


  • Paycheck Protection: State protections when companies withhold pay.


  • Safety Rights: health and safety protections at work.


SHB 2395 needs be voted on by the Senate by Friday, March 2nd.  We could not have gone as far as we have in this effort if it wasn’t for the steady dedication and efforts of all of you and your allies.  Please help us with this final push.


How can you help?

There are two key ways you can help from right where you’re sitting!



Please email and ask your allies, friends and community to email by using this link to contact 14 key Senators we need to persuade to support SHB2395:



The 14 Senators identified below are essential in reaching the majority we need to bring justice to port truck drivers.  Please call them and ask them to vote in favor of SHB2395


Senator Margarita PrenticeDistrict 11 (Renton)(360) 786-7616 Senator Craig PridemoreDistrict 49 (Vancouver)(360) 786-7696


Senator Tracey EideDistrict 30 (Federal Way)(360) 786-7658


Senator Nick HarperDistrict 38 (Everett)(360) 786-7674


Senator Derek KilmerDistrict 26 (Gig Harbor)(360) 786-7650


Senator Mary Margaret HaugenDistrict 10 (Camano Island)(360) 786-7618
Senator Steve HobbsDistrict 44 (Lake Stevens)(360) 786-7686 Senator Debbie RegalaDistrict 27 (Tacoma)(360) 786-7652


Senator Tim SheldonDistrict 35 (Potlatch)(360) 786-7668


Senator Paull ShinDistrict 21 (Edmonds)(360) 786-7640


Senator Rodney TomDistrict 48 (Bellevue)(360) 786-7694 Senator Jerome DelvinDistrict 8 (Richland)(360) 786-7614


Senator Pam RoachDistrict 31 (Auburn)(360) 786-7660 Senator Dan SweckerDistrict 20 (Rochester)(360) 786-7638