In this year’s critical race for Governor, UAW was proud to endorse Jay Inslee. Jay has a strong record of advocating for workers rights and collective bargaining, and even supported ASEs trying to form our union in 2001 by walking our picket lines. Jay has been a leader in moving Congress to support funding for federal science grants, and has specialized in clean energy and biotechnology. He also has fought in DC for a more progressive economy, voting against the Wall Street bailout in the face of pressure from other members of Congress and lobbying from the banking industry.


UAW is also proud to endorse the passage of R74, a referendum measure that would give all loving couples the freedom to marry in Washington State.  Working together in this year’s legislative session a bipartisan coalition passed a landmark law that permitted same-sex marriage.  However, opponents of this law were able to gather enough signatures to put the law on the ballot in November.  Approving R-74 will defend the freedom to marry for all loving couples and make Washington the first state where its citizens directly voted to approve same-sex marriage.