Support SB 5168: 364 Day Misdemeanor Bill

Currently, immigrants convicted of a gross misdemeanor with a sentence of 365 days are subject to automatic deportation, regardless of the crime committed or time served.

Reducing the maximum sentence by one day not only ensures that noncitizen defendants will not face disproportionate immigration consequences, but it will have a positive impact on our judicial system by guaranteeing that those who are charged with similar offenses receive similar results.

Tell your representatives to support immigrant rights by voting yes on SB 5168.

Click here to find your legislators’ contact information.

Immigration Reform

For several years UAW 4121 has worked with progressive unions and other community groups who are committed to reforming America’s broken immigration system.

Despite the fact that millions of documented and undocumented foreign workers – including many of our members who are international students – make significant contributions to our economy, many are cheated by an immigration system that keeps them apart from their families; impedes and delays their efforts to gain U.S. citizenship; and provides inadequate protections when employers engage in abusive practices. Our union has lobbied and even taken direct action to bring greater visibility to this problem

While we’ve lobbied hard at the federal level for comprehensive immigration reform, we’re also helping at the state level to stop damaging bills that disproportionately target immigrants.  At a time when corporate tax loopholes cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars, the legislature is eliminating programs that are indispensable for providing services to assist undocumented individuals seeking to gain citizenship.

In addition, legislators have introduced an unfair and unnecessary bill that would restrict undocumented immigrants from acquiring driver’s licenses, making our roads less safe and burdening law enforcement officers during a time of strained resources.

Speak up against scapegoating of immigrants! Read more about the UAW national positions on immigrant and guest workers and international students’ rights.