Contract Enforcement

Who We Are

The contract enforcement work group meets regularly to discuss and take appropriate action on ongoing and emergent contract violations and issues across campus. We have been an integral part of ensuring that our contract, which was ratified in 2018, is upheld and honored by this University.

What We Do

Grievance Procedure: Our contract outlines a very clear, grievance procedure for resolving disputes with the University.  It defines how a grievance is filed, handled, and hopefully resolved smoothly either within a department (step 1) or with the department, the Graduate School, and Labor Relations (step 2). If a grievance is not resolved in these two steps, it can be moved to a neutral third party arbitrator so that we can get a fair and impartial judgement on the grievance. It is important to note that, thus far, we have won each case we’ve brought to arbitration.

Get Support

The Union has a strong track record of assisting ASEs and resolving problems successfully, usually quickly and informally. If you have a concern, problem, or question about any aspect of your work, please email or fill out this form immediately before trying to resolve the issue by yourself – even before initiating an informal discussion with your supervisor or department –  so that you get the best possible advice and are sure to preserve your rights under the Grievance Procedure.  Keep in mind that Step 1 grievances (except grievances over discrimination and harassment issues) must be filed within 21 days from the occurrence of the events giving rise to the grievance, or from the time at which the aggrieved individual should reasonably have become aware of the grievance. Grievances over discrimination and harassment must be filed within 180 days.

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Get Involved

We meet once a week to discuss and take steps on ongoing and emergent issues on campus. Meetings for Fall 2018 will be set based on workgroup members’ availability. We would love to have you come to these meetings and get involved. You can share what’s going on in your department to help us understand current and past practice related to an ongoing case or you can share a development that needs our attention. Please email or check out the UAW 4121 calendar for details about meeting times and locations.